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Consultation from foreign country

TEL +81-138-24-5001

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Gentlemen only / Ladies only / No smoking on this property

Single (economy class)44 rooms

Regular pricing 2200 yen~4000 yen Peak-season pricing 4000 yen

Single (superior class)50 rooms

Regular pricing 2500 yen~5000 yen Peak-season pricing 5000 yen

Twin room5 rooms

Regular pricing 4000 yen~8000 yen Peak-season pricing 8000 yen

※Consumption tax is not included in prices shown
※Parking fee is 500 yen per car per night, plus tax.

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These are the Economy accommodations, decorated in black to relax you. You can choose from upper bunk or lower bunk.

These are the Superior singles, furnished with a chair and desk and a locking door. You can choose from a high-up bed or lower-to-the-ground one.

The Superior singles have locking doors for your peace of mind.

This hallway is for the Superior and Twin rooms, furnished in brown and gray, designed to relax you. The emergency exit is at the end of the hallway.

The colors of the interior and exterior hallways have been especially chosen for your ultimate relaxation. Enjoy experiencing our selections.

Ladies enjoy complimentary luxurious Kracie ZIRA brand cleansing oil, facial wash, lotion, and milk essence. Please also feel free to help yourself to eyelash extensions.

Ladies enjoy complimentary luxurious Tsubaki brand shampoo and conditioner, in addition to a Shiseido elite body soap.

Your room is furnished with a hair brush, a tooth brush, an ear swab, a disposable razor, shaving foam, hand soap, and, for women, Kracie ZIRA amenities.

Upon arriving at the hotel, proceed to the check-in counter, and we will accommodate you quickly. Should you require help with your luggage, please just let us know and we will be of service.

Mineral water, green tea, roasted green tea, barley tea, and other beverages are available free of charge. Help yourself!

We are always soliciting and posting travelers' experiences as part of our decorative motif. Feel free to write us a message; we always aspire to improve our guests' experiences!

We have a piano in the lobby for your listening and playing pleasure. In addition, maracas, a guitar, and other instruments can be enjoyed. Call your friends and arrange a session!

Capsule Hotel Hakodate eagerly awaits foreign guests. Whatever questions you may have, we will do our best to ease your anxieties, so speak up!

In our lobby are many tables and chairs available for your meetings, to sit down and eat or drink, or just to relax. In addition, we have KOTATSU tables available to try for guests of our hotel.

Two of our lobby's walls are made of glass windows to brighten the atmosphere and enjoy outdoor scenes. In addition, people outside may stop and watch you freely playing the piano or other instruments inside.

There is a large sign outside our hotel, making it easily identifiable even for first-time guests. In addition, we offer foreign currency exchange services on site.

You can exchange your foreign currency on site here 24 hours a day. Rates are posted outside by the door, or, if not, ask a staff member today's currency exchange rates.

Our logo is the star-shaped Fort Goryokaku, the most well-known of Hakodate's many tourist sites. Our staff eagerly awaits you!

Enjoy the atmosphere of our hotel's neighborhood at twilight; we are sure you will enjoy it and it will relax you.

Your safety is ensured by the bright lighting we use to illuminate the exterior of the hotel.

The front desk is just beyond the circular entryway. Please proceed directly there for prompt check-in service.

One way to get here is to take the streetcar. We are immediately adjacent to the Shinkawa streetcar stop.

Free wifi is available if you use SSID " CAPSULE-HOTEL-HAKODATE1 "; you need no password.

We have electric irons available for those in need, so just ask.

We have KOTATSU tables available to try out in the lobby for our guests.

This is the Ladies Shower Area. You will find it clean and comfortable. Please feel free to use hair dryers, Kracie ZIRA skin products, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and other complimentary amenities.

Inside the Ladies Showers, you will find the luxurious TSUBAKI shampoo and conditioner and SHISEIDO body soaps for your complimentary use.

There is a shoe rack where the lobby meets the front desk area. Please use either a shoe compartment or a boot compartment to lock your outdoor footwear in.

Ladies' floors use "Nano Ion Dryers" to reduce static electricity.

In the lobby, you will find a complimentary PC for guests to use 24 hours a day. You will also have printing capabilities here.

We rent you bicycles - for free! Just ask at the front desk.

For Standard Single guests, we have a secure locker area set aside for your valuables or other possessions.

We have a laundromat on site. For ease of use, detergent is inserted automatically into your laundry load. Electric irons are also available for use her. Just ask!

In the lobby are a microwave oven, a toaster oven, and a hot pot. (?) Plastic wrap, chopsticks, and spoons are also available for your use.

In the lobby are tourism magazines, picture books, and many types of books to pique your interest. If you have a spare moment or two, relax and enjoy our library!

We have a bicycle rack adjacent to the building. Traveling by bicycle? We're waiting for you!

We have a pay parking lot available for our guests' usage.

We have popular Japanese snacks available for sale at the low price of 100 yen. If your dinner datee isn't for another hour or two, tide yourself over with some snacks and a free drink or two in the lobby.

We have many flavors of ice cream available for sale, so try us! Just ask.

We have many bottled drinks (juices, mineral water, teas, coffee drinks) for sale, including some alcoholic ones. Non-alcoholic drinks are just 100 yen each!













Floors are gender-segregated.

Floors are gender-segregated.

The 2nd floor is exclusively for men, and there are 48 beds. The 3rd floor (51 beds) is exclusively for women (see enclosed photo).

Cheapest available reservation rates.

Cheapest available reservation rates.

We designed our hotel for guests who don't want to spend an arm and a leg on accommodations. This is why our cheapest Single (economy class) can be reserved for from 2200 yen. Even in peak season, you can stay here for from 4000 yen. Please make reservations at your earliest convenience, as we do tend to fill up quickly.

Convenient location!

Convenient location!

We are located 957 meters from JR Hakodate Station. On a nice day, the walk along the streetcar tracks is recommended. When the weather isn't cooperating, we are just two streetcar stops away from JR Hakodate Station, a 210-yen ride, and the taxi ride from there to here is about 500 yen. Coming from the airport? Board the shuttle bus headed to JR Hakodate Station, get off at bus stop "Omori", and walk 520 meters here.

FREE bicycle rental!

FREE bicycle rental!

We highly recommend seeing Hakodate's sights by bicycle. The morning market, the Western district at the foot of Mount Hakodate, the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses, and Fort Goryokaku are all "must-sees". We have more than ten bicycles available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Top-notch amenities!

Top-notch amenities!

Almost all amenities are free at our hotel. The ladies can enjoy complimentary makeup and cleansing oils; the gentlemen have access to shaving cream and disposable razors.

Parking fee is 500 yen per car per night
(, plus tax.)

Parking fee is 500 yen per car per night (, plus tax.)

We have two parking lots available for guests. One is right in front of the hotel; the other is a short two-minute walk. Parking fee is 500 yen per car per night, plus tax. If we fill up, there is a pay-parking lot near by. Bicycles and motorcycles park free at our hotel.

There is a convenient store very close; across the street is the well-known "JIYU market".

There is a convenient store very close; across the street is the well-known 「JIYU market」.

We don’t prepare meals at our hotel, so feel free to head to the "JIYU market" for the freshest of breakfasts or head to the LAWSON convenience store open 24 hours a day. Whatever you choose, feel free to eat it here in our lobby!

Wifi is available throught our facility.

Wifi is available throught our facility.

Our fiber-optic network's wifi service is always working and very crisp! It works everywhere throughout the facility, always.

Foreign Currency Exchange Here

Foreign Currency Exchange Here

We give you the best rates when you exchange your foreign currency into Japanese yen. We carry American dollars, Euros, Chinese renminbi, Taiwanese dollars, and Thai baht.

We will store your bags for you during your stay for free.

We will store your bags for you during your stay for free.

We are happy to store your bags before check-in or after check-out, for free of course. Need an item stored in the fridge or freezer? Just ask!

PC usage

PC usage

In our first-floor lobby are two PCs and one printer for your convenient and complimentary use.

Open 24 hours

Open 24 hours

Our front desk is open 24 hours a day, and we have no curfew. Late check-ins and early check-outs will of course be accommodated.

First-floor lobby

First-floor lobby

Our first-floor lobby is open for complimentary use 24 hours a day for our guests; feel free to bring in food and drinks.

Non-smoking facility

Non-smoking facility

For the health of our customers, there is no smoking anywhere inside our facility. There is an ashtray outside for smokers.



The washer costs 300 yen for a cycle, and the dryer costs 100 yen for a 30-minute cycle. There is one washer and dryer available on each the gentlemen's floor and the ladies' floor.

Access info and surrounding neighborhood

【 JR Hakodate Station 】
Located at "Shinkawa-cho" streetcar stop, just a 13-minute walk from JR Hakodate Station or two streetcar stops away.

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