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Hotel facilities

Q Do you have a way to charge cell phone batteries?

We have electrical outlets in the lobby and in the guest rooms, and we also rent out chargers to our guests.

Q Do you have bathtubs? How about TVs?

We apologize, but we do not.

Q Do you have clothes to wear around the hotel?

We do. We have Medium and Large roomwear for you to relax in during your stay. Also, we have the standard towels, toothbrushes, etcetera, in addition to shaving cream, disposable razors, makeup, and cleanser available to our guests.

Q Do you have bicycles to rent? How much are they?

Free! 24 hours a day. First-come, first-served.


Q What time is check-in? How about check-out?

Check-in starts at 3 PM. Please check out by 11 AM.

Q Is it possible to check in very late at night, or check out very early in the morning?

Of course. Our front desk will be there to assist you 24 hours a day.

Q Is it possible to request upper bunk or lower bunk?

Yes. Of course, the earlier you request what you want, the better. We will do our best to accommodate our guests.

Q Is it possible to have my room near my friends' room?

Please ask us when you reserve or as soon as you know. As there are different room types, there can be no guarantees of this, but we will do our best to accommodate our guests.

Q Can a man and a woman room together here?

We apologize, but no. This goes for young children as well. Please be aware of this important rule.

Q Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and JCB. We also take some forms of e-money. (Feel free to ask us in advance to be certain.)

Q What are the cancellation fee rules?

If you cancel 3 days before scheduled check-in, we must charge you 30% of your reservation. If you cancel the day before your reservation, we charge you 50%. Canceling the day of your reservation means you will be charged 100% of your reservation.

Q Is it okay to take room keys out of the hotel?

No, please don't. We will give you a tag in exchange for you turning in your room key at the front desk. Thank you for your understanding.


Q Is it okay to take my car out of your parking lot whatever time I want?

Yes, IF you have reserved a parking space with us. If you arrive early, please let someone at the front desk know you want to use the parking space you reserved.

Q Do you store guest bags?

For guests, absolutely. Just ask, anytime, 24 hours a day.

Q Do you store perishable items in the refrigerator and freezer for guests?

We do. Please ask at the front desk, and you will receive an exchange voucher for the items you ask us to store.

Q Is the hotel a non-smoking facility?

Indeed, it is. There is an outdoor smoking section next to the hotel's front door.

Q Can I wear slippers around the hotel?

No, please don't. We do have Japanese TABI socks available for purchase at the front desk.

Q Will you ship packages at guests' request?

We will. We have KURONEKO YAMATO boxes, sizes 100 and 120, available for purchase as well. Just ask.

Q Do you exchange foreign currencies?

We exchange U.S. Dollars, Euros, Chinese Renminbi, Taiwan Dollars, and Thai baht with our customers.